Q. I want to run at the same time as other people but we don't fit into any of the Ruff Mudder Groups. What do we do?

A. Enter as individuals. Decide on a start time (wave) before entering, and all choose that time. one person can do the entering for everyone. Make sure you have all information and payment ready. You can still choose a team name amongst yourselves. Purchase matching Ruff Mudder t-shirts. We can put your logo on them!

Q. I have two dogs. Can I take them both?

A. No. The course cannot be safely navigated.

If you have two dogs, you can enter twice and then you would run the course with each individual dog. You must have someone to care for the dog not running.

Q. Do I have to be there all day?

A. No. You arrive at the registration tent one hour before your wave. After you complete the course you can leave.

Q. Are there other things to do while I'm there?

Yes! The Bark It Market - vendors from across Ontario. Chosen for their high quality, unique dog specific goodies.

Chill out with the cool beverages supplied by Collingwood Brewery. Their Happy Tails ale is a local favourite.

Yummy food and snacks are available for you and your dog.

And, of course, cheering on others as they cross the finish line is a Ruff Mudder tradition.

Q. How many parking passes do I buy?

A. One for every vehicle. Your vehicle needs a parking pass to get into the parking area.

Q. I want to enter as a team but none of the categories fit. 

A. See answer 1.

Q. Is camping on-site available?

A. Nope. The Township has decided they will not allow this on our farm.

Q. What is the Moon Dog Adventure?

A. This is a guided meditative walk on Saturday evening. It is roughly 2.5 kms. We will explore the natural beauty of the farm, listen for our resident coyotes and gaze at the night sky. On leash!

Q. My dog is reactive. Can s/he come?

A. If your dog is reactive, this likely isn't the right even for them. Although you can space yourself along the course, your dog will still be aware of others. If you make the decision to come, your dog must wear a basket style muzzle to allow panting.

Q. Can I use a harness?

A. Yes. The attached leash must be no longer than 6 feet.

Q. Can I use an extended leash?

A. No. Absolutely not.

Q. Can I buy Ruff Mudder gear onsite?

A. Yes! There is Ruff Mudder gear: Hoodies, t-shirts, dog jackets, bandanas, blankets... Some of these are available as you register. Others are only available at the event.